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As writer of the book Let's Go to the Meeting, I found myself like every other Witness mother, struggling to find appropriate recreational reading for my small children. If I didn't scan the book enough before purchasing, it would sneak in a birthday or holiday that I would end up explaining we didn't celebrate. In fact in a popular ABC book, J is for Jack-o-Lanterns and X is for X-mas. I also had others give me books that had bible themes that were close to the real story but not exactly accurate. Noah puts animals into a big boat and yet I had to explain to my kids that it was more of a rectangular box.

I wanted to design a book that I could comfortably read to my children where they could read about activities that we were doing every day. Since going to meetings is part of our regular routine, I thought it would be the perfect way to start. I also wanted to make the book a board book since it would be more durable. At 4 months old, our oldest used to tear apart the Bible Story Book just trying to turn the pages. I took board books into consideration since they can withstand a little more "small children" abuse than normal books and are recommended for reading to very small children. With the collaboration between my idea and words, and Mia Gipson's beautiful illustrations, we were overjoyed with the result! My children both identify and enjoy reading "mommy's book" over and over. I hope that you feel the same about the book as our family does.